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GFR – 200 Series

GFR – 200 Series

GLORY’s New Flagship Banknote Value Counter

Why GFR-200 ?
Unlike the conventional value counter, or the size detector of banknotes, GFR-200’s function to anlyze characteristics of each banknote has varios advantages.

  1. Reduce mis- discrimination often caused by size detection.
  2. Recognition of characteristics of banknotes enhances accuracy in authenticating counterfeit or forged banknotes

Other Features

  1. Non-Stop Continuos Operation through “Enlarged Reject Pocket”
  2. Operable by two persons interchangeably, with each counted data stored independently, and trasferrable to each independent PC subject to availability, and transfarable to each independent PC subject to availability to interface developed by costumer.
  3. Authenticating function strengthened by new IR/UV/MG sensors (GFR-220)
  4. Faces and Orients banknotes
  5. Dust collection via Special Tray and Halls
  6. Improved Feeding Mechanism

Solution for Bank Branches, CIT Companies, Casinis, Retail Stores etc.
Banknote Value Counter GFR-200 series2

  • Specifications GFR-200
Banknote Value Counter GFR-200 series2 Specification