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CV. Dinamika is involved in the procurement and services of waterworks, such as Box Meter, Female Thereaded Adaptor, Ferrule Tapping, Equal Elbow, Clamp Saddle, etc. We are the authorized distributor and dealer of BUGATTI Waterworks – Italy, MWR Generators Set – Italy and Polyware Sdn.Bhd, Malaysia. Our core business is also engage in Generators Set and Banking Equipment, such as Banknote Counting Machine, Encoder Machine, etc. We are the authorized dealer of Glory and Fuzi Fortis, the wellknown brand in banking equipment. CV. Dinamika has a longstanding experience in sales and after sales service and well supported by skilled technician to offer our best service to meet the customer satisfaction.

Address Cv.Dinamika
Operational Office :
Jalan Kangkung No.42/43B Medan – 20153
Phone : +6261 – 4577663
Fax : +6261 – 4550242

Marketing Office :
Mal Mega Kemayoran Lantai 1 Blok A6 No.5 Jalan Angkasa Kav B-6 Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran
Jakarta Pusat – 10610
Phone : +6221 – 29371398
Fax : +6221 – 29371398

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