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GFS – 100 Series

Banknote Value Counting and Authentication For the Teller Solutions.


GFS-100 Series is the bank cashiers front line defense against forgeries. This 2 pocket banknote value counter for mixed banknote offers a simple and efficient solution based on our advanced CIS providing a full face scan of both sides of the banknotes at the highest resolution level.

Features :

  • Noise and dust proof shutter
    As each count is started a protective shutter automatically closes, covering the note output hopper. This helps to decrease the level of noise and dust emitted by the unit, ensuring safe and comfortable operation for the user.
  • Easy access note transport path
    The Glory GFS-110 is designed for quick and easy operation and maintenance. It allows an easy access to the entire note transport path, thus ensuring quick recovery from a jam and minimal downtime.
  • Smooth Counting Mechanism
    The Glory GFS-110 applies smooth counting mechanism that ensures efficiency and effectiveness of business process.
  • Contact Image Sensor
    The Glory GFS-110 is backed up by Contact Image Sensor (CIS) for maximum level of recognition and authentication while ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the counter performance.
  • Reject Status Indicator
    The Glory GFS-110 is equipped with an indicator to notify user of the rejected banknotes.
  • Dual Operation
    The Glory GFS-110 allows for interchangeable operation by two persons. It is capable of storing data of each counting independently before they are transferred to associated PC.
  • Protective Shutter
    The Glory GFS-110 is a safe solution. Its protective shutter automatically closes prior to start of counting, decreasing the noise level and avoiding the dust from spreading throughout the room.
    The Glory GFS-100 does not only ensure safe and comfortable operation, but also creates healthy and comfortable environment in the front office, protecting both user and customers.
  • Specifications GFS-100