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GNH / GND – 700 Series

GNH/GND – 700 Series

Next Generation Banknote Counters
The Glory GND/ GNH-700 Series are the next generation of banknote counter that comes with advanced features, such as adjustable counting position and variable counting speed to ensure maximum accuracy in verification of strapped banknotes. As the new model of the prestigious GLORY GNH/GND Family, the Glory GND/GNH-700 Series that also care about your health and comfort during the operation come with a dust-proof and anti-noise shutter.


Feature :

Variable Counting Speed
The Glory GND/GNH-700 Series is capable of counting banknotes in 4 different speed levels, from 1000 to 2400 notes/min. At the highest speed, that is most suitable for counting of fit banknotes, they productivity 60% higher than offered by conventional models. Meanwhile, at the lowest speed, of which counting speed is 33% lower than that of conventional model, the Glory GND/GNH-700 Series more ideal for counting of unfit or poor quality banknotes.
gnd-700_ft_02 dust proof and shutter

Easily Adjustable Counting Positions
The Glory GND/GNH-700 Series are equipped with a new adjustment knop that enables user to locate money with best counting position. This feature is very useful to minimise the potential of miscounting when dealing with banknotes with pinholes or folded corners.
gnd-700_ft_01-easily adjustable

Dust-Proof and Anti- Noise Shutter
The Glory GND/GNH-700 Series are designed with a careful consideration on your health and comfort. Its dust-proof and anti-noise shutter is capable of opening and closing automatically on the start and end of each counting process, avoiding dust spreading throughout the room or the noise annoying you.

Simple and Viewable Operation Panel
The Glory GND/GNH-700 Series are also equipped with LED display that is attached on the compactly designed operation panel. The display indicates counted number with 4 digits and batch number with 3 digits, enabling you to monitor the counting progress.

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