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Currency Sorter UW-500/600

Currency Sorter UW-500/UW-600

The reliable banknote sorters provide a solution to all sorting operations


Effective Solutions for Everyone

The medium-size, maximum efficiency UW-Series and compact-size USF-Series of banknote sorters are now upgraded to meet even wider needs. You can choose the best-suited model according to your budget, application, processing volume and type of business.

Features :

  • Denomination sorting

The mixed banknotes are sorted by denomination to dedicated stackers


  • Orientation sorting

The mixed banknotes are sorted by direction, such as face up/down and portrait up/down.


  • Fitness sorting

The banknotes are sorted by quality/fitness. UW/USF detects folded corners, holes, soil, tears and tape as unfit notes


UW-500 and UW-600 have a large sized input hopper for 1,000 notes.
They furthermore offer an additional output pocket and two enlarged reject/sorting pockets.

  • Specification & Dimension UW-500
  • Specification & Dimension UW-600
mesin sorter 2 dimension mesin sorter Uw500