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GFB – 800/900 series

GFB – 800/900 Series

Excellent Solutions For Banknote Counting and Identification needs

All of the MCCDs ( Multiple Currency Counterfeit Detector) usedin our bank note counters have been developed by Glory

Although many of these outstanding technologies lie deep inside our devices, where they are nt readily visible, be assured that eash GFB is supported by an abundance of advanced Glory technologies.           ???????????????????????????????????????????????

A full line of banknote counters that meet a wide range of customer needs.​

Indispensable addition to any facility where banknotes need to be counted or checked for authenticity.


Features :

  • Counterfeit technologies
    GFB can be equipped with up to four types of MCCDs (Multiple Currency Counterfeit Detector) for compatibility with the numerous shapes and characteristics of the banknotes from countries and regions around the world.


  • Speedy operation
    GFB can be set to counting speeds of 1,800, 1,500, 1,000 and 500 notes per minute.
  • Batch operations
    GFBs are equipped with automatic batch functions, and preset keys can be used to quickly select batch sizes of 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 notes. The numeric keypad can also be used to manually set the batch capacity from 1 to 999.
  • GFB-800
    Exceptionally fast and accurate, yet lightweight and compact. High speed counting up to 1,800 notes per minute certainly improve processing efficiency.
  • Specification & Dimensions GFB-800/900