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Sirio Benzina

serio benzinaSerio benzina 2

Series of diesel or gasoline generating sets on base frame, 3000 rpm air cooled.

Available in recoil starting, electrical starting, or electrical predisposed for the connection of the panel for automatic operation.
The sturdiness of these generator make them suitable to work in hard conditions, while their design satisfies also the profesional users’ requirements.
The inclined frontal position of the control panel improves the ergonomics of the machine, and it is equipped with circuit breaker switch, earth leakage circuit breaker switch, voltmeter and 2 CEE socket.

Features of the generator :
- tubular frame painted with epoxy powders
- vibration mounting
- anti-slipping feet
Control panel complete with :
- eathleakage
- circuit breaker
- voltmeter
- CEE sockets
For models with electrical starting :
- starting key
- 12 V starting battery included (acid seperated)
For the models “-A”
- socket for the connection of the automatic operation panel commander.

Optional :
Exhaust gas pipe extension
Kit slow trolley

Specification Sirio Benzina

Specification Sirio Benzina

serio benzina spec