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Urban Benzina / Gasoline

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Series of silenced diesel generating sets 3000 rpm air cooled, with electrical starting (battery included).

These generators are available in single-phase and three-phase version, with powers from 4+20 KVA. The canopy with doors makes the maintenance easy, and a high level of soundproofing together with the small dimension make it the proper generator is ideal for anti black-out use.

Features of the generator :
- tubular frame painted with epoxy powders
- vibration mounting
- anti-slipping feet
Control panel complete with :
- eathleakage
- circuit breaker
- voltmeter
- CEE sockets
For models with electrical starting :
- starting key
- 12 V starting battery included (acid seperated)
For the models “-A”
- socket for the connection of the automatic operation panel commander.

Optional :
Exhaust gas pipe extension
Kit slow trolley

Specification Urban Benzina / Gasoline

Specification Urban Benzina / Gasoline

urban benzina